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Installing Composer Offline

Starting with release 8.1.410.14, you have the option of installing Composer in an offline environment.

  1. Install Composer in the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) on a machine that has an internet connection. Refer to the Composer 8.1.4 Deployment Guide, Installing Composer on Windows.
  2. Make sure the Composer that is installed on Eclipse is working properly. You should be able to see the Composer features and toolbars in the Eclipse IDE.
  3. Close the Eclipse Workbench and zip up the Composer installed Eclipse directory.
  4. Zip the Workspace folder if it is outside the Eclipse folder or in an older Workspace from a different location. In the Workspace zip file, make sure the .projects folder is present inside the workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources folder.
  5. Copy the Eclipse zip file to the target machine, which does not have an internet connection. Also copy the Workspace zip file from Step 4, if applicable.
  6. Extract the zip files in the desired location and start eclipse.exe.
  7. Select the Workspace folder (from step 4, if applicable). You can see the Composer features available in the copied Eclipse instance.
  8. Important

    Make sure the Workspace folder has USER write permissions. For more details please refer to:

Bundled Tomcat Installation

The Composer installation procedure given above does not contain instructions for installing the bundled Tomcat server used for testing an application. Follow the steps given below to set up the Tomcat server, which is bundled with Composer.

  1. Start the Composer installer again, and this time proceed by clearing (unselecting) Install Composer Plugins. Make sure the Composer version is the same as used in step 1 of the procedure above.
  2. Copy the composer_global.properties file from the Composer installed installation directory and replace it with the file of the same name in the newly extracted Eclipse directory.
    This is an optional step. If Composer was installed directly on Eclipse via the Help > Install New Software option using the update site zip file, the composer_global.properties file may not exist in the Eclipse directory.

  3. Start eclipse.exe.
  4. Configure the Tomcat settings.
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