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Test Calls Do Not Work

If the test calls from Composer keep failing, check the following:

  1. Do you keep getting Received 200 OK without receiving debugging control info for every test call made from Composer?
  • Make sure that the vxmli.debug.enabled parameter on the MCP is set to true. Follow the instructions in Post-Installation Configuration to verify the values.
  1. Is the Tomcat service or IIS service running?
  • If you are using Tomcat, take the actions described in TomcatServiceFailedtoStart. If no port conflict exists, try restarting Tomcat from Windows Services.
  • If you are using IIS, take the actions described in DeploymentFailureonIIS. Try restarting IIS from Windows Services.
  1. Has Debugger configuration been set as described in the Configure Tomcat and Debugger Settings cheat sheet, or has IIS been configured according to the Setting IIS Preferences cheat sheet?
  1. Is there a SIP Phone running on the configured host and port number?
  1. Can you make a test call directly from the SIP Phone?
  • If so, this confirms that the MCP and SIP Phone are working fine.
  1. Is your SIP Phone running on the dedicated port?
  • If not, check your SIP Phone documentation to see how to configure it to run on a dedicated port. If the SIP Phone does not support this, switch to one of the SIP Phones like X-Lite which provides this capability.
  1. Do you have a local firewall on the development server (for example, Windows Firewall on Windows XP/2003)?

Make sure that the following TCP ports have been opened:

  • Tomcat port (this is generally set to port 8080). If you installed Tomcat on a different port, open its corresponding port in the firewall. IIS port (this is generally set to port 80). If you installed IIS on a different port, open its corresponding port in the firewall.
  • UDP port on which your SIP Phone is running (by default this will be 5060 or 5070). Check your SIP Phone settings for the exact port number.
  • RTP ports on which your SIP Phone will get the audio stream. Check your SIP Phone Help file for details on this. Some SIP phones will auto-configure this during installation.

If you continue to run into problems with the firewall and calls are not successful, try turning off the firewall temporarily when making the test calls.

See GVP Debugging Limitations.

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