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Application Metrics Collection Project Template

Composer provides Project templates for Genesys Voice Platform voice applications (File > New > Java Composer Project): In this template, added in 8.1.440.18, JavaScript metrics.js files capture and build metrics data in JSON format. The Logging Details property in the callflow diagram blocks are used to call the JavaScript methods. Diagrams are designed to use VAR blocks to provide insights on capturing VAR data. In addition to Project-specific files in the include, META-INFO, and scripts folders, the Project includes the following diagrams in the Callflows folder:

[+] Metrics.callflow

[+] sub_sales.callflow

[+] sub_service.callflow

[+] sample data

For information about GVP metrics (VoiceXML and CCXML application event logs), see the GVP 8.1 Metrics Reference Guide

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