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Debugging Failure

While debugging diagrams or code, if there is a error, check the following:

  1. The Project is deployed on Tomcat or IIS.
  2. Debugger preferences are setup correctly. Select Window > Preferences > Composer > Debugging > GVP Debugger and configure the GVP Debugger. Make sure the SIP phone IP address and MCP's IP address and ports are correct.
  3. Delete any previous debug configurations by right-clicking the file > Debug As > Debug Configurations. Delete existing debug configurations for the file. A new one will be created when debugging is initiated.
  4. In the Project Explorer, check that the debugging-results folder exists. If not, create the folder and try debugging again.
  5. While creating a .NET Composer project, if a non-default location is selected, debugging workflows or callflows may fail. Workaround: Give read permissions to all files in the Project from Windows Explorer so that they are accessible to the Debugger.
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