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Introduction to Composer

Composer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse for building voice applications for the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.1+ and routing applications for the Orchestration Server 8.0+.

What is Composer?

Composer is the next generation version of Genesys Studio based on Eclipse 3.5.1. It provides a rich development experience, which Web Application developers are already used to, for building VoiceXML, CCXML, and SCXML applications. Familiarize yourself with basic Eclipse concepts by referring to the Workbench User Guide (Help > Help Contents). Composer provides ability to develop the following types of applications.
For the GVP 8.x NGI Interpreter:

  • Pure VoiceXML Applications with full support for Genesys extensions
  • CCXML + VXML Applications requiring advanced call control features including Conferencing
  • CTI + VXML Applications for Genesys Framework

For the Orchestration Server 8.x SCXML Engine/Interpreter:

  • Pure SCXML Applications with full support for all Genesys predefined SCXML functional modules and extensions used for creating SCXML-based strategies and routing applications.
  • Voice Routing SCXML applications for handling media of type voice for Inbound channels.
  • Integrated CTI + VoiceXML applications for end-to-end treatment handling in conjunction with GVP and Stream Manager.

GUI Designer

Composer provides a drag-and-drop based interface for creating VXML and SCXML applications. Users can easily create flow diagrams by placing and connecting blocks and configuring properties.  This approach also provides an easy mechanism for invoking Web Services and doing database lookups from the Application server-side. Custom blocks can be created that can be added to the supplied palette of blocks.

Code Editors

For those who prefer to write their own code, Composer provides a set of rich editors for SCXML, VXML, CCXML, and GRXML along with use case templates.


Out-of-the-box, reusable template applications are provided. These can act as a starting point for new projects and visual flows and serve as guidelines and tutorials for routing and voice application developers. Composer also provides templates for its rich editors with the ability to create user-defined custom code snippet templates, which can be exported and imported to share across team members.

Code Generation

When generating code, Composer provides the ability to generate Static VXML pages to take advantage of the Platform optimizations. For SCXML routing strategies, Composer provides the ability to generate Static SCXML pages for improved performance due to caching.


Debugging functionality includes the ability to debug VoiceXML applications and callflow diagrams with the GVP Debugger and GVP Debugging perspective.  The real-time GVP Debugger supports both Run and Debug modes. In the Run mode, call traces are provided and the application continues without any breakpoints. In the Debug mode, you can input breakpoints, single-step through the code, inspect variable and property values, and execute any ECMAScript from the query console. Composer provides real-time debugging capabilities for SCXML-based Orchestration Server (ORS) applications. The ORS Debugger is integrated within the workflow designer for making test calls, creating breakpoints, viewing call traces, stepping through an SCXML document/workflow, and debugging applications. Debugging can be started on an existing session or it can wait for the next session that runs the application at a given URL.


Composer provides the ability to deploy applications. Future releases will provide the ability to deploy routing applications.

Project Management

Composer provides full project management capabilities for managing all the resources in a Composer project.

Routing Strategies

Composer is integrated with Genesys Configuration Server, which provides the ability to define and fetch strategy-related data residing in the Configuration Server database. This integration allows developers to find and select routing targets when using Composer's Target block. When creating routing strategies, developers can define List objects and routing-related Statistics.

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