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Working with .NET Composer Projects

A .NET Composer Project contains voice application files and related server side .aspx / C# / files for building an IVR program. It has an associated .NET Composer Project builder based on Microsoft .NET Framework that can incrementally compile .aspx source files as they are changed.


This step is not a mandatory prerequisite. Starting with 8.1.420.14, Composer allows creating .NET Composer Projects without the WSE dll files. Microsoft Web Services Enhancements (WSE) is also required for creating .NET projects in Composer. However, the WSE installer may not install on Windows 2008. These steps give a workaround:

  1. Download the Microsoft WSE 3 "msi" installer bundle.
  2. Use 7Zip to extract the contents to a folder.
  3. In Composer, select Window > Preferences > Composer > IIS/.NET.
  4. Set the Microsoft WSE 3.0 Installed Path field the $Folder\Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll file.
  5. Create your Composer .NET Projects.

Getting Started

To prepare for using .NET Composer Projects:

  1. Install Microsoft IIS.
  2. Install Microsoft .NET and .NET Framework.

Note:  Microsoft .NET is required for Composer Server Side blocks.

  1. Enable ASP.NET in your IIS.
  2. Configure the following MIME settings in your IIS:
  • .ccxml - application/ccxml+xml
  • .vxml   - text/xml
  • .grxml - application/srgs+xml
  • .vox    - audio/basic
  • .scxml   - application/xml
  1. Configure the IIS Website Port number in Composer IIS Preferences (Window > Preferences > .NET)

By default, IIS comes with the DefaultWebSite which runs on port 80. If you want to deploy the .NET Composer Project in your custom website, configure the corresponding port number in the IIS Website Port field.

  1. Create a .NET Composer Project.
  2. Use the Project Properties tab to deploy the .NET Composer Project to IIS within Composer. (Right-click Properties > IIS Deployment.)
  3. Create the diagram callflows and perform Run as / Debug as to launch the call with NGI.

Note: Run as / Debug as will automatically pick the port number from the preferences and form the corresponding application URL. For example: http://machineIP:portno/NETProjectName/src-gen/CallflowName.vxml Also see: Request.Form Error Message for .NET Projects

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