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User Resource

The User resource includes properties that describe the current state of the specified User. You can see the User resource with a GET request to /api/v2/me.

Sample Data

      "contactCenterId": "0851b5d7-1280-432c-9bb7-d22c2aeab2d5",

Resource Details

Field Description
id The unique identifier for the user.
userName The user's email address.
password The user's password (if allowed).
firstName The user's first name.
lastName The user's last name.
emailAddress The user's email address.
roles The user's role. There are currently four available user roles:
  • ROLE_ADMIN — Provides administrator access.
  • ROLE_AGENT — Provides agent access.
  • ROLE_SUPERVISOR — Provides supervisor access.
  • ROLE_APIUSER — Provides the same level of access as an administrator. Use this permission to designate an "API user" system account that is to be used by other server applications and does not represent an actual person.
enabled Specifies whether the user is enabled in the system.
changePasswordOnFirstLogin Specifies whether the user must change his or her password on the next login. The default value is false.
contactCenterId The ID for the user's contact center.
uri The user's resource identifier.
path The path to the user resource.
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