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This operation is part of the SMS Session API section of the Web Services API.


Use this operation to cancel a Consult request. If the agent has already accepted the invitation, Web Services can't cancel the consultation.

Request URL /api/v2/me/smssessions/{id}
Required Features api-multimedia


Parameter Value
operationName CancelConsult



POST api/v2/smssessions/0000Na9B26EF006E
  "operationName": "CancelConsult"

HTTP response

  "statusCode": 0,
  "referenceId": 5


If a request is successful, Web Services doesn't publish a CometD notification. See below for examples of how Web Services handles errors:

Cancel interaction error

    u'notificationType': u'Error',
    u'errorMessage': u'Request failed',
    u'referenceId': 35

User data update error

    u'notificationType': u'Error',
    u'errorMessage': u'Unable to manage user data for interaction id',
    u'referenceId': 35
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