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Create and Assign Device to User

The device can be created and assigned to a user using different paths.

The device is unassigned from previous owner, if it was assigned previously.

The target user must have Contact Center Agent role.


  • .../api/v2/users/{userId}/devices
    • Creates and assigns the device to target user.
    • Requires contact center admin role.
POST .../api/v2/users/{user_id}/devices
  "phoneNumber": "3001"
  • .../api/v2/me/devices
    • Creates assigns the device to current user.
    • Requires agent role.
POST .../api/v2/me/devices
  "phoneNumber": "3001"

The method to be used: POST with body which contains device resource to be used for device creation (see create device section).


    "statusCode": 0, 
    "id": "0bf06531-9cb7-4d6e-bff3-d910f83a493d", 
    "uri": "" 
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