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GAX Server Preferences

Select Window > Preferences > Composer > GAX Server.

If using the OPM Block for a voice or routing application, you must set GAX Server Preferences.

GAX refers to a Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) plug-in application used by Genesys EZPulse, which is accessible from a web browser. EZPulse enables at-a-glance views of contact center real-time statistics in the GAX user interface. Composer diagrams connect to GAX using the preference login credentials for fetching the Audio Resource Management (ARM) parameters or IDs list configured for the tenant as described in the Configuration options appendix of the Genesys Administrator Extension Deployment Guide.

The following preferences can be set in the GAX Server Preferences dialog box:

  • Server Host Name/IP. Enter the hostname or address of the Application server hosting the GAX Server.
  • Port Number. Enter the port number for the GAX Server used in your environment.
  • Username. Enter the username defined in the Configuration Database for logging into the GAX server.
  • Password. Enter the password defined in the Configuration Database for logging into the GAX server.
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