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Supported Operating Environment Reference

Use the queries below to do some basic drilldown into system-level information about the operating environments (system, databases, and other support) required to run Genesys applications for release 7.2 and higher.

You can also find more detailed queries for different common scenarios on these pages:

Customer-operated Genesys Cloud Deployment: Genesys supports customers running the Genesys software on their own cloud. Customers can deploy Genesys products on operating systems, databases, and so on, as listed in this Supporting Operating Environment (SOE) Reference. Those supported operating environment details are the (direct) touchpoints for our products. The infrastructure used for deployment, whether bare metal, virtualization, or cloud, must be transparent to applications. This is the responsibility of the infrastructure provider. Customers are responsible for managing operations of the Genesys software in their cloud.
For information on operating systems, databases, and others that are not longer supported, see Discontinued Support

Links to product pages in this guide:

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