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SIP Server

General Information - SIP Server

SIP Server was formerly known as SIP Communication Server.

Supported Operating Systems

  • An asterisk (*) indicates the oldest operating systems supported for the Genesys 7.x and Genesys 8.x Maintenance Interoperable Components, including AIX Power PC, HP-UX, and Solaris SPARC.
  • For Microsoft products with sub-versions such as R1/R2, all versions are supported except as noted for the specific product.
  • Genesys supports use of products on Oracle Linux, provided that the Oracle Linux distribution is 100% compatible with a Genesys-supported Red Hat distribution, and that the Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is not used. Genesys will only support Oracle Linux based on testing and reproduction of any issues in the equivalent Red Hat Linux version; no investigation or testing will be performed on Oracle Linux itself. Support only applies to Oracle Linux versions 5.x and later.

OS Family OS Release Conditions
OS Family OS Release Conditions
AIX Power PC AIX Power PC 64-bit 6.1 8.1.1+
Linux CentOS Linux 7
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 8.0.3 - 8.1.1 Discontinued support as of June 25, 2019. Not supported starting with
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 8.1.1
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 8.1.102
Solaris Solaris SPARC 64-bit 10 7.2+ New deployments on Solaris are strongly discouraged. Please contact your Genesys Product Management Representative with any questions.
Windows Windows Server 2008 8.0.3+ SIP Server high availability with “IP Address Takeover” requires a specific patch on Windows 2008. Please see the SIP Server HA Deployment Guide for detailed information.
Windows Windows Server 2012 8.1.1+ Support starts with
Windows Windows Server 2016 8.1.1+ Support starts with

Supported Browsers

No browser information at this time

Supported Database/DB Clusters

No DB information at this time.

Supported Virtualization Platforms

See the global page that lists all Virtualization-related information.

IPV6 Support for Common Interfaces

Component Release Interface Conditions
SIP Server 8.1.1 SIP Proxy
SIP Server 8.1.1 SIP Server
SIP Server no support SIP Feature Server There is no IPv6 support for Feature Server.

IPV6 Support for Additional Interfaces

No IPV6 information for additional components at this time.


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