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About This Guide

Use these pages to dynamically access system-level information about the operating environments (operating systems, databases, and other support) required to run Genesys applications for releases 7.2 and higher.

  • If you're looking for system-level information for Genesys releases 7.1 and earlier, send an e-mail to and we'll contact the appropriate person to provide you with an answer.
  • These Supported Operating Environment (SOE) Reference Guide pages are best viewed using the Firefox browser. Google Chrome and Safari are also supported.

Related Information

Genesys Products

Support of a product and version indicates that the software can run on the indicated third-party platform (operating system, database, browser, and so on). Questions/problems can be submitted to Customer Care, assuming the appropriate Maintenance agreement is in effect. Third-party vendor platforms may support a large number of features, far beyond what can be tested, or may have no impact on use with Genesys products. Support does NOT indicate a commitment to support any particular features of that operating system or database.

  • Only those applications specifically mentioned in this document are supported. For other applications or solutions not mentioned, please send your question to the appropriate Product Manager, or if not known, to
  • The tables in this document are based on the vendors’ compatibility statements. Genesys may require customers to upgrade to a particular version level, operating system, or database. Unless specified, all versions between the minimum version and the latest version are supported.

Databases, Operating Systems, and Browsers

  • Databases: Databases identified in the database tables are supported on the operating systems identified in the operating system tables. Databases that are not shown in the database tables are not supported.
  • Operating Systems: Operating systems that are not shown in the operating systems tables are not supported.
  • Browsers: Unless otherwise noted, browser plug-ins are not supported for the browsers identified in the browser tables. Only the browser is supported.

Maintenance and Interoperable Components

These components are backward-compatible between releases. The latest release of these interoperable components can be used as a maintenance release for previous releases. These components are known as maintenance interoperable components.

Patch Support Guidelines

Genesys products are not supported below the operating system and patch level specified in their installation package (IP) ReadMe file.

Unless otherwise specified in the IP release note or this document, Genesys products are supported as follows:

  • Genesys software works with the latest patches for supported third–party software (Operating System, Databases, Virtualization Systems, Application/Web Servers). In the event of an issue, Genesys will work with the customer to address and resolve the problem.
  • For a given Windows operating system: on all combinations of service packs and patches above the minimum level documented in the IP ReadMe file.
  • For a given version of a UNIX or Linux operating system as supported in this document:
    • If this version is the same as the one specified in the IP ReadMe file; all patch configurations that include the minimum set of patches specified in this file are supported.
    • If this version is higher; all patch configurations are supported.
  • For a given version of Java as supported in this document:
    • If this version is the same as the one specified in the IP ReadMe file; all patch configurations that include the minimum set of patches specified in this file are supported.
    • If this version is higher; all patch configurations are supported.


  • Genesys supports all Microsoft patches to Windows Servers as a matter of policy, unless noted otherwise in the operation systems table for the product/component.
  • Genesys reserves the right to announce that some specific patch above the minimum level is not to be used for a given product. The information is available in the product’s release note.

For further information, please refer to the Genesys Supported Media Interfaces Reference Manual.

End of Support

Genesys will formally announce end of support for major third-party vendor platforms listed in this SOE Guide. This is typically done 12-24 months in advance, via the Genesys customer newsletter. For a given vendor platform/version, the end of support notice will state the last Genesys X.Y release that will support it suite-wide, and the date when all support in all releases (last and prior) will end. When the end of all support date is reached, all entries for that platform/version will be removed from the SOE Guide. For a listing of global end of support dates, see Discontinued Support.


  • Server Components: The Server component tables include Genesys components that run as backend processes. Typically these are installed on an MS Windows or UNIX machine running a server type operating system. Those processes or components that perform the server function of a client-server relationship, but are built to run on workstation operating systems, are included in the user interfaces tables.
  • User-Interfaces: The user interfaces tables apply to agent-facing and supervisor/administrator facing components.
    • Agent-facing components include Genesys components that run on a workstation operating system or GUI environment. These provide functionality typically used by agents, such as interaction handling and real-time statistics.
    • Supervisor/Administrator-facing components include Genesys components that run on a workstation operating system or GUI environment and provide functionality typically used by supervisors or administrators. Supervisors typically have real-time monitoring statistics, but may also have interaction handling capabilities. When an application contains both agent and supervisor capabilities, it is expected that all capabilities are supported on the same operating systems or GUI environments. Administrator capabilities include interaction with the configuration or management systems, routing design applications, and campaign setup applications.

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Supported Operating Systems

No results

Supported Browsers

No browser information at this time

Supported Database/DB Clusters

No DB information at this time.

Supported Virtualization Platforms

See the global page that lists all Virtualization-related information.

IPV6 Support for Common Interfaces

No IPV6 information for common interfaces at this time.

IPV6 Support for Additional Interfaces

No IPV6 information for additional components at this time.


No prerequisites at this time.

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