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Genesys Knowledge Center

General Information - Genesys Knowledge Center

Genesys Knowledge Center includes Knowledge Center Server and Knowledge Center Content Management System (CMS).

Genesys support for the platform versions mentioned on this page ends when the respective vendors declare End of Support. For more information, see Discontinued Support.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Genesys Knowledge Center Plugins for Workspace Desktop Edition will be supported on all OS supported by Workspace Desktop Edition. For more updated information, please see the section related to Workspace Desktop Edition.

OS Family OS Release Conditions
OS Family OS Release Conditions
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 8.5+
Windows Windows Server 2008 8.5
Windows Windows Server 2012 8.5+
Windows Windows Server 2016 9.0

Supported Browsers

  • This relates to Knowledge Center Content Management System and the publicly facing sample code used for web self-service.
Component Browser Release Conditions/Limitations
Genesys Knowledge Center Apple Safari 8.5 Version 10
Genesys Knowledge Center Firefox ESR 8.5 Mozilla Firefox release 54 was tested with version 8.5.304.09
Genesys Knowledge Center Google Chrome 8.5 Google Chrome version 59 was tested with version 8.5.304.09
Genesys Knowledge Center Microsoft Edge 8.5 Starting with version 8.5.304.09
Genesys Knowledge Center Microsoft IE 8.5 Version 11

Supported Database/DB Clusters

  • An asterisk (*) indicates the oldest databases supported for the Genesys 7.x and Genesys 8.x Maintenance Interoperable Components, including IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL, Oracle, and Sybase.
  • Genesys supports Genesys products on the database patch levels up to the latest currently available patch sets.
Database Release Conditions/Limitations
Elasticsearch 6.3 9.0 Starting with version Elasticsearch supported up to 6.8.4. Must be installed along with one of the other supported databases.
MS SQL Server 2012 8.5.3+
MS SQL Server 2016 9.0
Oracle 11g 8.5.3+ Starting with version 8.5.302.05
Oracle 12c R2 9.0
PostgreSQL 9.6 8.5.3+ Starting with version 8.5.304.09

Supported Virtualization Platforms

See the global page that lists all Virtualization-related information.

IPV6 Support for Common Interfaces

No IPV6 information for common interfaces at this time.

IPV6 Support for Additional Interfaces

No IPV6 information for additional components at this time.


Genesys Knowledge Center - Prerequisites

Third-Party Component Prerequisites

Acquired by Customer

Provided by Genesys


Third-Party Component Prerequisites

OpenJDK 8 Yes No Release: 9.0
Starting with
Oracle Java 8 Developer's Kit (JDK) Yes No Release: 8.5.3+
Support starts with version 8.5.3+
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