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General Information - Composer

Composer is the new name for Composer Voice starting with Release 8.0.2.

Supported Operating Systems

OS Family OS Release Conditions
OS Family OS Release Conditions
Windows Windows 10 8.1.4+ Support starting with version 8.1.420.14
Windows Windows 7 8.0.4+ Composer 8.0.4 is supported on Windows 7, 32-bit only. Composer 8.1 is supported on Windows 7, 32-bit and Windows 7, 64-bit compatibility mode.
Windows Windows 8 8.1.4
Windows Windows Server 2008 8.0.4+
Windows Windows Server 2012 8.1.4+ Support starting with version 8.1.400.35
Windows Windows Server 2016 8.1.5+ Support starting with version 8.1.500.03

Supported Browsers

  • Unless otherwise noted, browser plug-ins are not supported for these browsers. Only the browser is supported.
Component Browser Release Conditions/Limitations
Composer Firefox ESR 8.0.2+
Composer Microsoft IE 8.1.4 Version 11 is supported.

Supported Database/DB Clusters

  • An asterisk (*) indicates the oldest databases supported for the Genesys 7.x and Genesys 8.x Maintenance Interoperable Components, including IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL, Oracle, and Sybase.
  • For Microsoft products with sub-versions such as R1/R2, all versions are supported except as noted for the specific product.
  • Genesys supports Genesys products on the database patch levels up to the latest currently available patch sets.
Database Release Conditions/Limitations
MS SQL Server 2008 8.0.2+
MS SQL Server 2012 8.1.4+ Support starts with 8.1.420+
MS SQL Server 2016 8.1.450.20
MS SQL Server 2016 Cluster 8.1.450.20
MS SQL Server 2017 (Windows) 8.1.450+ Support starts with 8.1.450.33
Oracle 11g 8.0.2+ Oracle 11g Rel 1 and Rel 2 are supported.
Oracle 12c R1 8.1.5+ Support starts with 8.1.510.12
Oracle 12c R2 8.1.450.20

Supported Virtualization Platforms

See the global page that lists all Virtualization-related information.

IPV6 Support for Common Interfaces

  • Release Support numbers refer to Composer.
Component Release Interface Conditions
Composer no support Interaction Server
Composer no support License Server
Composer no support Management Framework Configuration Server/Proxy
Composer no support SIP Server/T-Server

IPV6 Support for Additional Interfaces

No IPV6 information for additional components at this time.


  • Starting with Composer 8.0.3, Genesys does not recommend specific Web application servers for use with Composer. For more information, as well as minimum Web application, please refer to the Composer 8.1 Deployment Guide accessible using the Composer page.

Composer - Prerequisites

Third-Party Component Prerequisites

Acquired by Customer

Provided by Genesys


Third-Party Component Prerequisites

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Yes No Release: 8.0-8.1.4
Required for design-time compilation. In 8.1.500.03, this is no longer required if .NET Framework 4.7.2 is used.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Yes No Release: 8.1+
A prerequisite for run-time execution. However, starting with 8.1.5, .NET Framework 4.7.2 can be used.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 Yes No Release: 8.1.5+
Oracle Java 7 Runtime (JRE) Yes No Release: 8.1+
Oracle Java 8 Runtime (JRE) Yes No Release: 8.1.4+
Starting with 8.1.410.14.

Web Server

Apache/Tomcat 7 Yes No Release: 8.1.420+
Apache/Tomcat 8.5+ Yes No Release: 8.1.450.20
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