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CX Contact

Genesys support for the platform versions mentioned on this page ends when the respective vendors declare End of Support. For more information, see Discontinued Support.

Supported Operating Systems

CX Contact Support

OS Family Operating System Release Conditions
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 9.0+ Each Virtual Machine must run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 64-bit as a guest operating system.
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 100.0+ Support starting with the version

Supported Browsers

Component Browser Release Conditions/Limitations
CX Contact Google Chrome 9.0+ You must use the latest version of Chrome as the UI browser.
CX Contact Microsoft Edge 9.0+ 2020 release

Supported Database/DB Clusters

Database Release Conditions/Limitations
Elasticsearch 9.0+ Elasticsearch Cluster 7.5.x is required.
PostgreSQL 13 9.0.0+ Starting with

Supported Virtualization Platforms

See the global page that lists all Virtualization-related information.

IPV6 Support for Common Interfaces

No IPV6 information for common interfaces at this time.

IPV6 Support for Additional Interfaces

No IPV6 information for additional components at this time.


CX Contact - Prerequisites

Third-Party Component Prerequisites

Acquired by Customer

Provided by Genesys


Third-Party Component Prerequisites

Docker Yes No Release: 9.0+
Docker 17.03.2-ce, with CX Contact Docker images stored in the Docker registry.
Elasticsearch Yes No Release: 9.0+
Elasticsearch Cluster 7.5.x is required.
Genesys core components No Yes Release: 9.0+

Note the following:

  • Supports Genesys 8.1 and 8.5 core components.
  • CX Contact components operate with Genesys core services on the back end. It's expected that all voice-processing components (Voice VM and shared services such as GVP) are deployed and running. In Genesys Engage cloud, Cloud Contact can operate with multiple voice tenants and comprises a shared service.
Genesys Web Services 9.0 No Yes Release: 9.0+
Kubernetes 1.11.1+ Yes No Release: 9.0+
NFS shared file system Yes No Release: 9.0+
PostgreSQL 13 Yes No Release: 9.0.0+
Starting with
Redis 6.0+ cluster Yes No Release: 9.0+
Enterprise Redis with persistence is recommended.
SFTP Server Yes No Release: 9.0+
(Optional) Use when automation capabilities are required.
Third-party Load Balancer Yes No Release: 9.0+
F5 or functionally comparable hardware or software load balancer.
Virtual Machines Yes No Release: 9.0+

Note the following:

  • Each machine should run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 64-bit as a guest OS and have at least 8 CPU cores and 16 GB RAM minimum (32 GB RAM recommended), 100 GB HDD minimum.
  • All VMs running CX Contact components should belong to the same local network segment and be interconnected so that all components can communicate over the network. DNS must be present in the network and allow for names resolution. CX Contact components always use FQDNs (not IP addresses) to establish communication to each other.
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