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Discontinued Support

The table below lists Genesys announced global end of support dates for various operating platforms or versions.

  • This is provided as a reference for planning migration onto newer versions or other platforms.
  • Global end of support (EOS) means end of all support for all Genesys products and all releases, including current and past releases.
  • For individual products:
    • Support may end for a product starting with a specific release, prior to the end of all support date. This will be indicated in the SOE product tables by a release range (for example, 8.0 – 8.5), instead of the open-ended “+” sign. Versions within the range will still be supported until the global end of support date.
    • Support may extend beyond the Genesys EOS date listed in the table. Check the associated product SOE page to determine what's still supported.
  • Genesys global end of support dates are based on Genesys product lifecycle needs, they may not necessarily align with the platform vendor’s end of support dates.
  • If a version older than the listed discontinued version is not in the table, assume that support for the older version has been discontinued also at some prior date. (For example, Solaris 9 is listed, so Solaris 8 and any prior Solaris versions are no longer supported either.)
  • Global end of support announcements are provided via Genesys customer newsletters only. Customer newsletters are available through the Genesys Customer Care portal.

Operating Environment Global End of Support Date

(for all Genesys products/versions)

Operating Systems
AIX Power PC 64-bit (AIX 5L for POWER) 5.3 April 01, 2015
IBM AIX 6.1 April 16, 2016
HP-UX (all versions) December 31, 2014
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 July 31, 2015
Microsoft Windows Vista April 1, 2016
Microsoft Windows XP April 1, 2014
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x June 30, 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x February 1, 2014
Solaris 9 October 1, 2014
Sybase - All Versions January 1, 2013
IBM DB2 9.5 April 1, 2015
IBM DB2 9.1 September 30, 2014
IBM DB2 8.1/8.2 April 30, 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 April 1, 2016
Oracle 10g February 1, 2014
PostgreSQL 8.4 July 1, 2014
PostgreSQL 8 December 31, 2014
Apple Safari 5 December 31, 2014
Apple Safari 3 December 31, 2014
Firefox 4 June 30, 2014
Firefox 3 June 30, 2014
Firefox non-ESR versions (all) June 30, 2014
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 January 1, 2016
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 January 1, 2016
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 January 1, 2016
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 April 1, 2014
Citrix XenApp 4.5 April 1, 2014
Citrix XenApp 5 January 31, 2015
IBM PowerVM LPAR (AIX 6) April 16, 2016
IBM PowerVM LPAR (AIX 5.3) April 1, 2015
Microsoft Terminal Server (Windows 2003, XP) July 1, 2015
VMWare ESXi 4 April 30, 2014
VMWare ESX 3.5 April 30, 2014
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