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View of Calculated Data

The main part of the Calculated Data page includes a table listing the Calculated Data for the current database. This view may not include all Calculated Data depending on whether a search value has been specified or if any of the filters are set to non-default values.

The table includes columns for:

  • Calculated Data Name
  • Last Edited By
  • Status
  • Last Edit
  • Published

The last column includes controls for edit and delete (Note: the delete control isn’t available once a Calculated Data has been published).

The bottom of the page includes paging controls on the left side, a drop-down control for selecting the number of items that should be displayed per page, and the number of Calculated Data available.

The top of the table includes a button that allows for the creation of new Calculated Data. The table headers also support sorting, clicking multiple times will cycle through ascending/descending order for the selected column.

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