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Question Bank

The question bank allows Assessment designers to quickly search for existing questions and copy/shortcut them into new assessments. This feature is accessible from the context menu after right-clicking on a content section in the assessment designer.

PDNA QuestionBank.png

PDNA QuestionBank2.png

The question bank page initially includes a search bar and button. Entering a search term and clicking the search icon will result in a table of search results appearing below the search bar.

PDNA QB SearchResults.png

The table of results includes checkboxes allowing the selection of questions for copying/shortcutting into the current assessment, question text, and an icon representing the question type. Hovering over the question type icons will enable a text-based description of the question type to appear.

PDNA SelectingQuestions.png

Selecting one or more questions from the search results will activate the create copy and create shortcut buttons. Copying a question creates a duplicate of the question, so should be used when changes to the question are required. If no changes are required then shortcut should be used instead. Copy/shortcut follows the following restrictions:

  • Content cannot contain both feedback and non-feedback questions.
  • Content cannot contain both sub-contents and questions.
  • A question can only be shortcutted into content once.
  • Non-feedback questions cannot be added to feedback-only assessments.
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