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Creating Feedback Assessments

Feedback Assessments are used for providing rating and ranking responses only. They are created the same way as standard assessments, but there are unique settings and constraints which set them apart.

To create a feedback assessment, select ‘Is this a Feedback Only Assessment?’ The option enables the settings for who will have access to the assessment in the feedback model; e.g. for Self or Self and Manager.

Where the assessment has been created for Self and Manager the manager will automatically be assigned the assessment to complete on the user that reports to him/her, based on the hierarchy.

If the feedback assessment has been set to ‘self and manager,’ an additional checkbox (labelled ‘Only require user feedback before combined test?’) will appear. Enabling this will prevent the manager from seeing the feedback assessment until it has been completed and submitted by the user. Once the user’s feedback is submitted, the manager will get the option to create a combined feedback assessment without completing their own version of the feedback assessment first.

Pdna self and manager feedback assessments 900.png

Both the Manager and User will see the Feedback Assessment listed in their My Development page. Managers can use the dropdown filters to display specific Assessment types.

After selecting the Combined Feedback filter, the assessment will be presented.

Pdna Viewing assessments using the 'feedback on other users' tab 900.png
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