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Searching and filtering Calculated Data

The top of the Calculated Data page includes a search bar and filters to restrict the number of Calculated Data based on entered criteria.

The first box at the top of the page supports searching of Calculated Data for specific criteria. Entering a value into the Calculated Data search box will result in the page removing all Calculated Data which do not contain the value in the Base Data’s name. The search results are updated automatically while value is being input; there is no button to begin the search.

The second item at the top of the page allows for the filtering of Calculated Data based on the editor. Selecting an editor from this drop-down will remove any Calculated Data that were created by other users.

The third and fourth controls at the top of the page allow for the filtering of the view of Calculated Data to just the items that were last edited in the specified period (using the ‘from’ and ‘to’ date picker controls).

The last item at the top of the page allows for the filtering of results based on whether items are published/unpublished. This option is set to ‘All’ by default. This control can be used if you only wish to see published or unpublished Calculated Data.

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