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Knowledge Nudges

Knowledge Nudges are simply information that a user must view, and are normally associated with assessments of the same topic/information. Knowledge nudges are created in one of 3 formats:

  • A URL that points to a website on the internet or an internal intranet site
  • A PDF document
  • A Multimedia file (video, audio)

Knowledge Nudges are often used as robust replacements to paper briefings as each user’s understanding of the contents can be assessed.

Standard reports available in Performance DNA can also detail the number of times that a user has accessed any Knowledge Nudges and the average and overall duration of each view.

Performance DNA is able to display PDF content. With the use of Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Captivate, interactive PDF documents can be created to deliver any information to users which can also include video, audio and hyperlinks. Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Captivate interactive is not included with Performance DNA and separate licenses are required for these software applications.

In order for Performance DNA to display PDF content correctly, Adobe Acrobat must be installed on the user’s computer. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is freely available from Adobe.

Note: Only one knowledge nudge can be assigned per assessment.

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