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Personal Development Review

The PDR feature allows employees to define a set of personal development objectives and agree to them with a manager. Once objectives have been approved, employees can submit files to demonstrate that the objectives have been completed. Managers can also create, delete, approve and complete objectives (i.e. set the statuses to ‘completed’). Managers can then combine the results of the PDR Potential Assessment and the achieved objective targets to give the employee a score on the talent matrix.

There are three pages of PDR features: PDR, PDR Dashboard and PDR Admin. The PDR and PDR Dashboard pages are in the User section of the menu. The PDR Admin page is in the Admin section of the navigation menu.

These pages will not automatically be assigned to user roles, so it is recommended that the Manager role is granted access to the PDR Dashboard page and the User role is granted access to the PDR page. Administrators and/or managers should be granted access to the PDR Admin page in order to support the management of review periods.

The PDR page is primarily for employees to define their development objectives, whilst the dashboard allows managers to create, edit, approve and monitor the status of their reports’ PDRs.

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