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Feedback Deployment Models

This page allows the creation of feedback models which may be selected as part of the properties option of an assessment.

In the example below, the standard feedback models (Self and Self & Manager) are available.

Pdna selecting a feedback model 900.png

To create a new feedback model for use in a feedback assessment, click on Add and additional options will be available to select from to build another profile.

Pdna creating feedback models 900.png

To create a new feedback model, select the desired options (individuals who will have access to the assessment) and move them across to the left-hand box.

Pdna selecting a feedback model 900.png

If Reports is selected, the number of Reports will be requested.

Enter the number of Reports and click on OK.

Pdna setting the number of required reports 900.png

Once the new feedback model has been created click on Save for it to be available to be used in feedback assessments within the assessment properties.

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