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Genesys EWM Learning Item Integration

Performance DNA has an integration feature with Genesys WFM which allows learning items to be sent to agents in EWM. To enable this feature, go to the System Settings page in Performance DNA and tick the EWM Enabled tick box in the General Settings tab. Once this tick box has been ticked an EWM URL Endpoint textbox will appear underneath it. Set the value of this textbox to the EWM URL Endpoint in your environment and click Save Changes.

Once this setting has been enabled it will be possible to set learning items as EWM Enabled in the Learning Items page. Once a learning item has been enabled for EWM integration it will be sent to the corresponding Genesys agents in EWM as well as to the agent’s account in Performance DNA when it is assigned.


This feature requires that Genesys employee IDs match Performance DNA users’ Login IDs.

To set up the EWM capture points and routing rules required for EWM, please see the EWM documentation.

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