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User Selection

The User Selection filter allows a user to select one or more user demographics for comparison. The initial filter displays summary text and a count of any currently selected demographics. Clicking the count button will open a more detailed view of the filter for editing. The left-hand side of the dialog displays each demographic grouping that can be removed or added to using the Cross and Add User Selection buttons respectively.

The right-hand side of the dialog displays the currently highlighted demographic grouping. Each grouping consists of a Percentile Range and zero or more Demographic Mappings.

The Percentile Range dropdown allows the users that match the demographic mappings to be filtered to pre-specified or custom ranges. The custom range option will display a range picker allowing the user to select a lower and upper percentage.

The Demographic Mappings can be chosen using the dropdown as well as being removed and added to using the Cross and ADD FILTER button respectively. Any selected values will be displayed at the top followed by the top 20 unselected values. The unselected values can be filtered using the textbox at the top of each result set. Additional data will only be retrieved from the server after 3 or more characters have been inputted into the filter textbox.

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