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Associating Learning Items with Assessment Content Sections

Performance DNA supports the ability to associate learning items with assessment content sections along with score ranges for the content sections. Users are either assigned learning items automatically once they’ve completed an assessment, or may have the option to assign learning items to themselves if their score for the content section is within the range specified for the content-learning item association.

To associate learning items to content sections, open the assessment that you wish to modify and click the content section in the assessment hierarchy:

Pdna attaching learning items to a content section 900.png

Click the Add button under Attach Learning Items to open the Attach Learning Items screen.

Pdna searching for learning items 900.png

This form lists all available learning items that can be attached to the content section. The search bar at the top can be used to search for specific learning items. To associate learning items, tick the Attach checkbox and set a score range for the learning item. Different learning items can have different score ranges so users will be presented with different learning items depending on the score they achieved for that content section. Once you’ve finished attaching and setting score ranges for the learning items, click the Attach button to complete the process.

The attached learning items will then appear in the table under the add button for the related content section.

Note: entering values into the search bar will hide learning items from the display even if they’ve been attached. This is reflected in the number of selected items counter next to the Attach button.

To change the setting of the learning item assignment, i.e. whether users are given the choice to assign learning items to themselves or whether the learning items are automatically assigned, click the root assessment node in the root hierarchy view. Click the Learning Item Settings tab and click the Edit button to enable editing of the Learning Item settings.

Check the Enable Learning Items option if you want learning items to be either automatically or manually assigned to users once they complete the assessment. Enable the appropriate radio button in the Assignment section based on your preference.

Note: If you have integrated Performance DNA with a third-party LMS, you will also have an additional set of radio buttons in the assessment’s Learning Item Settings tab. These radio buttons are used to control whether learning items are added to the suggested list or the assigned list for users who complete the assessment.

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