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Basic Settings

There are several options that can now be selected and configured:

Automatically insert a Do Not Know answer for multiple choice and pick correct answer questions.

Enter matching LMS code in the Assessment Code field if the assessment will be exported to an LMS.

Create customized introductory text for the assessment in the Introductory text field.

Enter a required overall pass score in the Pass mark field.

Automatic Assignment of Assessments

By default, assessments are only available to the users to whom the assessment has been assigned. It is, however, possible to set an assessment to support auto-assignment so that users who receive the URL to the assessment can launch it immediately without it being assigned to them manually. To enable this option, tick the checkbox labelled ‘Supports Auto Assign?’. This will result in an Assessment URL appearing under the checkbox. This URL can be sent via email or other means to Performance DNA users. Once they click on this link, the assessment will be automatically assigned to them and they’ll be able to start it immediately.

Note: This option does not interfere with users who have already had the assessment manually assigned to them. If a user clicks on the link and had already has the assessment assigned to them and has completed it, the assessment will have to be manually reset before it can be taken again.

Select is this test timed? to make the assessment timed which will then allow you to enter a duration for the assessment.

Tick is this a Feedback Only assessment? If the assessment is a feedback-only assessment (will contain only ratings/ranking questions).

Tick Assessment is archived to archive an assessment.

Click Save when you have finished making the changes.

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