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Creating Learning Items

To create a new learning item, go to Learning Items page and click the Create Learning Item link.

Next, specify the Type of item that you wish to create.

Pdna Learning Items Page 900.png

Note: When creating an Assessment or Knowledge Nudge an associated Learning Item is automatically created.

Pdna Creating Learning Items 900.png

When creating an E-Learning URL, you will be required to enter a title and URL for the new item. The URL must start with either ‘http://’ or ‘https://’. Similarly, if you choose to create a free text learning item, you will be required to enter a title for the item and the associated text.

If you choose to create a new JLMS Course learning item, select the JLMS Course option from the Type select box. Three additional dropdowns will appear allowing you to select a category, curriculum and a course. It is necessary to select these items in order, i.e. category first, then curriculum and, finally, a course. However, once you set a category the curriculum select box will become optional.

JLMS learning items are assigned to users in the same way as other learning item types.

Note: the option to create a JLMS course learning item will only be available if the user who is logged in is mapped to a valid JLMS user (via the user field defined for the LMS integration feature). Similarly, JLMS course learning items can only be assigned to valid JLMS users.

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