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The Timeseries Graph

Pdna user progress 900.png

The timeseries graph shows the scores of the users selected, with their colors represented in the Users legend below it and learning items shown on the line, with the shapes corresponding to the Learning Items legend. The threshold is overlaid and shows which bands were active at the times on the graph.

Pdna selected users progress 900.png

Users can be deselected by clicking on the round dot next to their name, so smaller selections can be compared without separate searches.

Pdna thresholds toggled off 900.png

Thresholds can be toggled on or off using the “Show Thresholds” toggle under the bar.

Pdna focused timeline 900.png

A smaller time frame can also be selected by dragging the tabs at the ends of the mini graph below the main one, allowing for zooming in to times of interest.

Pdna base data values 900.png

Hovering over the line also gives specific information on whose line it is, their score, and the date the score was taken.

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