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Tomcat Service Failed to Start

Start Tomcat and Stop Tomcat toolbar buttons can be used to control the bundled Tomcat service from within the Integrated Development Environment. In some cases, using these buttons may display error messages.

      Failure in Starting Tomcat Service. Composer Tomcat could not be started
      Failure in Stopping Tomcat Service. Composer Tomcat could not be stopped

If you receive these error messages, close Eclipse (or Composer) and run Eclipse.exe (Composer.exe) as administrator by right clicking the file and selecting Run as Administrator. This provides administrator permission to the integrated development environment and enables it to start/stop the Tomcat service.

If the Start Tomcat button is clicked when the service is already started, this message is displayed:

 Failure in starting Tomcat Service
 Tomcat Service could not be started.
 Please check if Tomcat is already running.

Tomcat Windows Service

Composer bundles Tomcat 6.0 and deploys it as a Windows Service called ComposerTomcat. If you receive a message indicating that the Tomcat Service failed to start, please check the following:

  1. From Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, check to see if the ComposerTomcat service is started.
  2. If the service is not started, open up the log files in ${ComposerInstalledPath}/tomcat/logs and look for an error that looks like: java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind.
  3. If you see this error, it means that the port specified in the Tomcat configuration screen in the installer wizard is already in use. Uninstall Composer and reinstall using a different value for the Tomcat port.

Another place to check is the composer_global.properties in the installed location <program files/GCTI/Composer 8.1/>. It should show the correct Tomcat port number e.g. TOMCAT_PORT=8082

Note: The port number for Tomcat entered during Composer installation and the port number in Composer preferences should match.

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