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Online and Offline Modes

Composer support two modes during design time when working with Context Services:

  • Online mode (connected to Universal Contact Server)
  • Offline mode (not connected to Universal Contact Server)

You specify online or offline mode in Context Services Preferences by checking the box opposite Connect to the Universal Contact Server when designing diagrams and completing the associated fields.

Online Mode

In online mode, you are connected to the Context Services server, which is Universal Contact Server (UCS). In this case, based on Context Services Preferences, Composer accesses a specified server instance during design time, queries for information, and populates dropdown lists and other interface items appropriately. Composer opens a new connection to the server each time some data needs to be fetched. The connection is not kept alive during calls (as is the connection Configuration Server) so no connection status is displayed.

Offline Mode

An offline mode is also supported. In this mode, Composer does not contact the Context Services server during design time. Any dialogs or properties that query the server in online mode revert to an open interface in offline mode and do not show dropdown lists containing database objects. In this case, you must key in literal values or you may select variables if the particular property or dialog supports working with application variables. Note: Both these modes apply to Composer during application design. At runtime, the SCXML/VXML application will contact an instance of UCS.

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