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Delete User Announcement Block

Use this block to delete an announcement created by a caller using the Create User Announcement block. The Delete User Announcement block has the following properties:

Name Property

Find this property's details under Common Properties.

Block Notes Property

Find this property's details under Common Properties.

Exceptions Property

Find this property's details under Common Properties.

Device ID Property

If specified, ORS will play treatments itself; otherwise, treatment playing is delegated to URS. The device should specify the DN where the call is currently located. If the call is on multiple DNs, specify the DN for which the treatment will be applied. Users can enter a value or select any runtime variable from the dropdown.

Hints Property

This property is for future use by Orchestration Server. Its use will be described in various action elements reference in the Orchestration Server wiki.

Interaction ID Property

Set to a meaningful value or keep the default value, which is the system variable InteractionId. Can be used for "interaction-less" processing for scenarios where the InteractionId variable is not automatically initialized, but instead must wait for an event. An example would be an SCXML application triggered by a Web Service that does not add an interaction.   Background: Previous to 8.1.1, Composer did not expose an Interaction ID property.  Instead, when ORS started processing an interaction, a generated SCXML application automatically initialized the system variable, InteractionId. This variable was then used internally by Routing and certain eServices blocks when interacting with ORS. With the introduction of support for Interaction-less processing, you can now define a specific event (IPD Wait For Event property) to initialize InteractionId, or not define an event at all. For scenarios with an interaction (IPD Diagram/Wait For Event=interaction.present for example), you may keep the default value for the Interaction ID property. The default value is the system variable InteractionId, which is initialized automatically in this case. For other scenarios (any scenario where the system variable InteractionId is not set), you may choose to:

  1. Not use blocks that require an Interaction ID
  2. And/or set the Interaction ID property to a meaningful value
  3. And/or assign a meaningful value to the InteractionId  system variable

Extensions Property

Select the variable to retrieve extensions data in event dialog.deleteann.done as described in the Orchestration Developers Guide, Orchestration Extensions, Dialog Log Interface section of the Orchestration Server Documentation Wiki.

Announcement ID Property

Enter or select the variable to contain the identifier of the announcement to delete.

User ID Property

Select or enter a variable to contain the user identifier associated with the recording to be deleted.

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