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Hiding File Types

You can hide Composer file types by using base Eclipse functionality in Composer.  This may be desired when certain functionality is not applicable to your environment.  For example, when using Voice capabilities, and VXML is used but not CCXML, you may wish for the CallControlXML file type to be hidden from the File > New menu. The following steps may be used:

  1. Right-click the one of the buttons for the Composer-provided perspectives (e.g. Composer Design, Composer) and click Customize....The Customize Perspective  dialog appears.
  2. Click the Shortcuts tab.
  3. To remove CallControlXML File from the File > New menu, set Submenus to New.
  4.  Expand Composer and check Others.
  5. In the list of shortcuts, uncheck <file-type>, where <file-type> is the type to be hidden.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat for other perspectives if desired.

This customization is specific to the workspace. If you use other workspaces, you must customize them as well. This is base Eclipse behavior where customization is saved within the workspace.

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