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Palette Group Menu

When creating a callflow or workflow in Composer or Composer Design perspective, a shortcut menu opens when you right-click on a palette title bar. The figure below shows an example:


The Palette Group menu contains the following items:

Layout Allows you to specify how the blocks in this palette group should be displayed:
  • Columns
  • List
  • Icons Only
  • Detail
Use Large Icons Allows you to increase the size of the icons representing the callflow or workflow blocks.
Customize Opens a dialog box where you can change block names and descriptions, hide/unhide blocks from the palette, configure the block drawer to open upon Composer startup, and pin the block drawer open upon Composer startup.
Settings Opens a dialog box where you can change the font, layout, and palette drawer options.
Pinned Allows you to prevent a block drawer from closing when you switch to a different palette group.
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