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Creating CCXML Applications

CCXML (Call Control XML) is a specification developed by the Call Control subgroup of the Voice Browser Working Group of the W3C. CCXML provides mechanisms for implementing advanced call control functionality in a standards-based way. It provides the advanced call control features not supported by VoiceXML. You develop CCXML a little differently than VXML or SCXML applications. Rather than creating flow diagrams, you invoke a CCXML text editor and enter the code while Composer performs syntax checking. To create a new CCXML file in Composer perspective:

  1. From the menu, select File > New > Other > CallControlXML File.
  2. In the wizard, select the Project folder, name the file, and click Finish or Next to use a template.
  3. If you click Next, select a template and click Finish. Composer opens the view the CCXML editor view.
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