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Perspective Switcher Toolbar

Perspectives are task-oriented layouts for organizing the views and windows in your workbench. The Perspective Switcher Toolbar allows quick access to perspectives that are currently open.


Open Perspective Button

An Open Perspective button CVPersSwitcherBut.gif (displaying all Eclipse perspectives) is located at the start of the Perspective Switcher toolbar. In the above figure, it is located in front of the GVP Debugging button.

Perspective Switcher Toolbar

The Perspective Switcher Toolbar is normally positioned below the main toolbar (top-left), but you can also position it vertically on the left-hand side of the workbench.

Shortcut Menu for Perspective Buttons

Right-clicking the button for an active perspective opens a shortcut menu. The first three entries in the table below do not appear if the perspective is not selected.

Customize Opens the customize perspective dialog box.
Save As Opens a dialog box for saving a customize perspective. Once saved, the customize perspective appears in the list that opens when you click the Open Perspective button.
Reset Resets the changes you made to a perspective.
Close Removes the button for the perspective.
Dock On Allows you to dock the perspective button: Top Right, Top Left, or Left (left-hand side of work bench).
Show Text Toggles between an icon and text on the perspective button.
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