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Composer Installation Video

Video Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial on installing Composer 8.1.3 on Windows in an Eclipse 4.2 environment. When Eclipse 3.7 is installed, there is a small extra step described in the Installation chapter of the Composer 8.1.3 Deployment Guide. Also see the Deploying Composer topic.


  1. This video is a high-level tutorial on Composer 8.1.3 installation. Be sure to consult the Composer 8.1.3 Deployment Guide after watching this video.
  2. Silent installation of Composer is not supported.
  3. Download the correct Eclipse for your computer’s processor, i.e., download 64-bit Eclipse download or 32-bit Eclipse based on the target computer.
  4. Java Development Kit and Eclipse must match, i.e., both 32-bit or both 64-bit.

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