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How to Use This Guide

  • Depending on your location in the user interface, Composer's context sensitive help triggers wiki pages.
  • You can use the TOC to locate help topics.
  • As described in the above watch tab, you can also get notified when pages are updated (watch pages) or create a PDF.

Help for Help!

The majority of the Help for Composer exists in this online wiki. In addition, there remains a small help guide, available on the main Composer landing page, that explains how to use the help and its search capabilities. Introduction to Composer 8.1.3 Help.

The contents of both the help wiki and help guide is in English, regardless of the user's operating system locale, or any language packs they have installed on Composer. This does not affect the ability to use Composer in languages other than English, or to access the online Composer documentation in languages other than English. For more information, see Localization.

Block Palette Reference

For information on Composer blocks and block properties, you can go directly to the following:

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