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Route by Using Web Request Template

This application demonstrates using the Web Request block to invoke an HTTP web request.

  1. The Entry block contains three user-defined variables:
  • weburl: Points to the getMemoryStatus.jsp application from the src directory. This represents an application hosted on an external application server.
  • webresult: Holds the result of the get request.
  • assignresult: The content of the webresult variable is transferred to this variable in the Assign block.
  1. The Web Request block Exceptions Properties view is configured as follows:
  • The Exceptions property indicates support for the error.sesson.fetch event.
  • The Request Method property has two choices: get or post with get selected indicating the type of request (HTTP Get) that Universal Routing Server will make.
  • The Uri property indicates that the Uri is contained in a variable called weburl.
  • The Authentication Type property has two choices: anonymous or basic with anonymous selected as a security setting. With this type of access, no user name/password is passed to the Web service for client authentication in order to get data.
  • The Result property indicates that the data from the get request will initially be stored in a variable called webresult.
  1. The Assign block, Assign Data property indicates that the data received from the get request is assigned to a variable called assignresult.
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