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File Menu

The commands active in the File menu change depending on the object you have selected, the perspective, and where you are within the perspective. Commands available from the File menu are described below. Also see the Hiding File Types topic.



Select New > Other, which can be a new:
  • Java Composer Project
  • .NET Composer Project
  • Project
  • Callflow Diagram
  • Workflow Diagram
  • Grammar builder file
  • VoiceXML file
  • SCXML file
  • GrammarXML file
  • CallControlXML file
  • Backend JSP file
  • Folder
  • File

You can also select Example... or Other... (for example, to create a new Interaction Process Diagram). Both of these bring up the Select a Wizard dialog box.

Open File Opens the selected object.


Closes the current callflow or workflow diagram in the canvas.
Close All


Closes all open elements in the workbench area.


Saves the selected object.
Save As Saves the selected object under another name
Save All


Saves all files in all open editors.
Revert Reverts to an earlier saved version of a file selected from the History.
Move Moves Project resources.
Rename Renames Project resources.
Refresh Reloads the configuration.
Convert Line Delimiters To Converts line delimiters within the callflow design canvas to one of the following:
  • Windows (default)
  • Unix
  • MacOS 9
Print Prints the selected object(s) within the callflow design canvas
Page Setup Brings up a dialog box where you can specify to use workplace settings or diagram settings. You can also change orientation, units, size, and the margin as well as configure workplace settings.
Print Preview Previews the output before printing.
Switch Workspace... Browses for/selects a different workspace storage area. Changes the set of projects and resources that you are working on.
Restart Restarts Composer.
Import Brings up a wizard that leads you through the process of importing various types of files.

Expand Composer to: Import an IRD Strategy or to import a Realtime Debugger Launch Configuration.

Export Brings up a wizard that leads you through the process of exporting various types of files.
Properties Shows properties for the selected resource (such as a Project). When a Project is selected, includes the Deployment property.
Exit Exits Composer.
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