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Code Generation

The process of generating code creates a properly-formatted VoiceXML file from a callflow diagram built with Composer or a SCXML file from a workflow diagram. Static pages (pure VXML or SCXML code) are generated in the src-gen folder of the Composer Project.

Generating Code

You can generate code in a couple of ways:

  • Select Diagram > Generate Code.
  • Click the Generate Code icon Generate code icon.gif on the upper-right of the Composer main window when the callflow/workflow canvas is selected.

Note: If your project uses Query Builder or Stored Procedure Helper-generated queries in DB Data Blocks, the process of code generation creates one SQL file in the db folder for each such DB Data block. These SQL files will be used at runtime and should not be deleted.

Code Generation of Multiple Callflows

When using the Run as Callflow function, Composer automatically generates the VXML files from the diagram file that you want to run. When generating code, with the generate code function for a Java Composer Project that has multiple callflows, Composer attempts to generate the VXML for all the callflows before running (because the application might move between multiple callflows for subdialogs).

However, if one of the callflows has an error, Composer provides the option to continue running the application anyway, because the erroneous callflow may be a callflow that ia not used by the one being run (if there are two or more main callflows, for example). When this happens, the VXML files are basically out of sync with the diagram files and this may affect execution. Genesys recommends that you fix all errors before running the application.

Generate All

Use the 'Generate All' feature to generate VoiceXml and SCXML code for all the Diagram files (Callflows, Workflows and IPD) present in a Composer Project.

Generate All can be invoked in two ways.

  • Select Project > Generate All.
  • Click the Generate All icon GenerateAll.gif on the upper-right of the Composer main window toolbar.
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