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Help Menu

The Help menu contains the following items:

Welcome Displays a welcome screen.
Help Contents Displays the Eclipse help system.

Note: The Composer Help, which introduces the Composer Help wiki, is integrated as a workbook within the overall Eclipse Help system.

Search Opens a help pane where you can enter a search expression and view results.
Dynamic Help Opens a help pane to show context-sensitive help.
Key Assist


Opens a help pane with a listing of keyboard shortcuts.
Tips and Tricks Opens a Tips and Tricks dialog box with a variety of topics:
Cheat Sheets Opens the Cheat Sheet Selection dialog box with several available Cheat Sheets that lead you through key tasks.
Check for Updates Currently not used by Composer.
Install New Software Opens the Install dialog box where you can select or enter a site that has the software you want to install. As described in the Composer 8.1 Deployment Guide, use this menu item to install later versions of Composer. Use the About Eclipse SDK menu item to uninstall the current version of Composer prior to updating to a later version. For another usage example, see the Integrating with Source Control Systems topic, Subversion section.
About Composer Opens the About Composer dialog box, which displays version, licensing, and Eclipse links. It also contains buttons to access Feature Details, Plug-in Details, and Configuration Details.
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