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Connection and Read Timeout

By default, the Web Service and Web Request blocks use 20 seconds each for the connection timeout and read timeout. The following steps describe how to configure the timeouts:

  1. Create a new folder called WEB-INF inside the Composer Project.
  2. Create a property file named composer.properties inside the WEB-INF folder.
  3. Add the following properties (case-sensitive) to composer.properties with the timeout values:
  • web.connectionTimeout=40000
  • web.readTimeout=40000

The value specified should be in milliseconds. The connectionTimeout property is a specified timeout value, in milliseconds, to be used when opening a communications link to the resource referenced by the URL. The readTimeout property is a nonzero integer value, in milliseconds, to be used when reading from an input stream when a connection is established to a URL resource.

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