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Minimizing and Restoring Views

Panes in the Composer window contain various views. Each view has its own tab. To minimize a pane containing views:

  • Click the CVMinimize.gif button to minimize the pane. This causes the views to appear in a toolbar (trim stack toolbar). The toolbar appears in close proximity to where the pane was located.

The toolbar could be on the side or at the bottom of the Composer window depending on the selected perspective. For example, assume you are editing a file in Composer Design perspective and minimize the pane below, which contains Properties, Prompts Manager, Problems, Console, Call Trace, and Bookmark views. In this case, the minimization causes a toolbar to appear at the bottom of the Composer window. Depending on your screen, you may have to maximize the entire Composer window in order to see this toolbar.


The first button on the toolbar is used to restore all views. The remaining buttons represent the minimized views. To restore views:

  • Click the RestoreBut.gif button to restore all minimize views.
  • Click a single view button to restore an individual view.
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