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Composer Code Editors

Composer provides the ability to hand-code SCXML, VoiceXML, CCXML, GRXML, JSP, and ASP.NET for custom scripts as a part of the application development process. The editors have standard editing capabilities and time-saving features such as a code snippet library, validation checks for errors (during design and save time), and syntax highlighting.

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Code Editing Features

The editors provide:

  • Standard editing features such as cut, copy, paste, undo, show line numbers, search and replace, bookmarks and TODO markers
  • Standard Eclipse Editor features; local file history support, Team support for source code control, compare files.
  • The ability to do background validation of the text as the user types, showing squiggly marks for errors as is done in Microsoft Word.
  • A Validate option to validate against the schemas.
  • A code snippet library with the ability for developers to add their own custom scripts.
  • An outline view for quick navigation and the ability to view and edit the XML in tree format.
  • Syntax coloring with the ability to customize the colors.
  • A spell checking feature; a yellow squiggly line is shown below words that are misspelled.
  • Quick-fix choices to fix the spelling or ignore / disable the check.
  • Task tags features for setting preferences to auto scan comments with TODO in comments, and automatically add tasks corresponding to these comments.
  • Context-sensitive help as the user types in the code

Using the Editors

Composer editors are embedded/integrated within the user interface and are made available to you whenever a .scxml, .vxml, .ccxml, .grxml, or .jsp file is created or accessed within Composer.

For additional information, see Accessing the Editors and Templates.

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