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ORS Compile Errors and Non-Escaped Characters

The condition expression for event-related properties in interaction process (IPD) and workflow diagrams are not XML-escaped when generating the SCXML code. Non-escaped XML special characters in the condition expression field will cause Orchestration Server compile errors at runtime. As a result, the following XML special characters in condition expressions should be escaped:

" "
< <
> >
& &

For an existing 8.1.3 or 8.1.4 diagram:

  1. Go to the IPD diagram Events property or workflow diagram block Exceptions property. In the case of an IPD, when you select the IPD in the Project Explorer, a Properties view shows the Events property.
  2. Check for XML special characters in the Condition expression field and escape them as shown in the list above. If the Body field SCXML expression includes some conditions (i.e. <if cond="somecondition">), the condition expression needs to be XML-escaped as well.
  3. Save the diagram and generate code.

Note: Condition expressions provided by Composer (like for default IPD event handlers) are already XML-encoded.

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