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Voice Database Blocks

The Database palette provides blocks that enable VXML applications to use databases.

Video Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial on using the Database Blocks.

Important Note: While the interface for Composer in this video is from release 8.0.1, 
the steps are the basically the same for subsequent releases.

Using the Database Blocks

Using these blocks, VXML applications can connect to databases and query data from them. It also provides blocks that consume this retrieved data and perform high level operations on it like speaking out the returned data or accepting user input against a grammar generated from the returned data.

Types of Blocks

There are three Database blocks:

  • DB Data Block for connecting to a database and retrieving/manipulating information from/in a database.
  • DB Prompt Block for speaking out prompts generated using TTS based on the data returned by an associated DB Data block.
  • DB Input Block for accepting a DB Data block as its data source and acting as an input field that accepts input based on a grammar created from the results returned from the database.

Also see Working with Database Blocks for an overview of database support in Composer including a high level description of how it works as well as level of support for various databases. 

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