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Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/27/17 General X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • WFM Web supports Multi-Site Trading:
    • Agents can now trade schedules with agents located at sites other than their own, when Activities within the schedule are configured as Multi-Site Activities.
    • Agents now see the new Trading > Trades view in the Agent UI when WFM Web is running with WFM Server and later, which supports multi-site trading.
    • The following views in the WFM Web for Agents UI were enhanced to support multi-site trading:
      • Schedule > Other Schedules
      • Schedule > My Schedule > Create Trade Proposals
      • Schedule > My Schedule Details > Create Trade Proposals
    • Warning messages in Web for Supervisors Trading > List of Trades view are improved to support multi-site trading. Now supervisors see:
      • Appropriate warning messages when approving trades that involve agents from two different teams when they only have access rights to one of those teams.
      • Warning messages for each non-compliant agent involved in the trade.
  • The Time-Off Bidding feature is enhanced:
    • WFM now shows the bidding period status as Processed in the WFM Agent interface Time-Off Bidding Periods view and on the Status tab in Web for Supervisors' Configuration > Time-Off Bidding Periods view when the agent's time-off requests in the bidding period have been processed.
    • Available agents in WFM Web can now be associated with a bidding period, by filtering them by Multi-Site Activity.
    • WFM Web's Time-Off Bidding Period property Processing Finish Date and Time has been renamed Closing Date and Time.
    • Supervisors can now configure WFM to (optionally) allow agents to submit only full-day time-off requests for a specific bidding period. Checking the new Bidding Period property check box Allow full-day time-off requests only, prevents agents from requesting part-day time off within specific bidding periods.
    • Supervisors can now see the selected agents' time-off details in Web for Supervisors Configuration > Time-Off Bidding Periods > Status view. Clicking the Actions icon in the Status view opens Time-Off Details in a separate window.
  • A preview version of the WFM Mobile Client for Agents is introduced in this release (official release planned for 8.5.208), that includes functionality in the Schedule, Time off and Preferences views, similar to the WFM Web for Agents desktop UI.
    The Mobile Client is supported on
    • Android devices running the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.
    • iOS devices running the latest Apple iOS platform update and built-in Safari browser.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

WFM Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day view now selects the correct Performance data target while switching between views. (WFM-27325)

In WFM classic Web for Agents UI, shifts are now displayed in name order in the Add Shift and Edit dialogs in the Preferences view. Previously, the list of shifts was not sorted. (WFM-27288)

The WFM Web Use as Template feature now works for Schedule States and Weekly Schedule reports, as expected. Previously, this feature did not work for these reports if the user switched from the generated report to another view and then, back again. (WFM-27269)

In WFM Web for Supervisors views that use Java on Windows 10, the way in which the text displays is improved. Previously, the readability of Web for Supervisors Java-based views was not optimal on Windows 10. (WFM-27196)

Now users can open multiple windows in WFM Web using the New window functionality when working in Java applet-based views without seeing an Unexpected error message . Previously, opening windows as described in this scenario intermittently caused WFM to display Unexpected error messages. (WFM-27009)

The date and time presentation in the Workforce Management Agent UI is now correct when viewing data in a time zone other than the site time zone. This issue is fixed for common use cases, when the difference between the site and agent time zones is 2-3 hours, such as in Europe. (WFM-26861)

See also Known Issues.

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.x Translation Support.

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