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Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
10/14/16 General X X X

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List of Release Notes

What's New

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • The Scheduling mode in WFM Web is now configured in Policies > Contracts > Constraints, enabling both Task Sequences and Activity Sets to be scheduled for a site simultaneously in one Schedule Scenario.
    Your systems administrator must update the WFM database to release or later before enabling this functionality to configure scheduling mode in Contracts.
  • In WFM Web's New Schedule Scenario wizard, when Schedule Scenarios are based on Forecast Scenarios, all Activities from the Forecast Scenario are selected, by default. (WFM-25947)
  • In the WFM Web for Supervisors' Schedule > Master Schedule > Intra-Day view, the Auto-commit icon now clearly indicates when the auto-commit action is enabled and disabled, by displaying brightly when enabled (on) and dim when disabled (off). (WFM-26073)
  • WFM Web for Supervisors' Configuration > Colors view now enables supervisors to specify default colors for each Business Unit, separately. Also, this view is now updated to run without Java installed on the Client application. The functionality in the Colors view has not changed.
    You must install WFM Server 8.5.203 or later to use this new feature/functionality. If you installed an earlier version of WFM Server, WFM displays the previous version of the Colors view.
  • WFM Web's mobile functionality is disabled by default in version 8.5.204. To enable it in the application's Functionality configuration section, add the option Mobile and set the option value to true. (WFM-26565)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The Schedule States report and Schedule State Totals report now show the same duration for Full-Day unpaid schedule items that have no specified Start/End times. Previously, the Schedule States report used (as the duration) Standard Paid Hours from Contracts that were assigned to the agent on the start date of the report.

Even after this fix is applied, the reported totals might not match the Standard Paid Hours from the most recent assigned Contract, as both reports show totals that are calculated using the configuration that existed when the schedule was created. There will be discrepancies if the assigned Contracts are changed after schedule creation. (WFM-26451)

WFM Web now enables you to specify any start date for Planning Periods in the Policies > Contracts view. If the specified date does not match the Business Unit's first week day setting, WFM displays a warning, but saves the settings. By default, WFM provides a suggested date that matches the Business Unit's first week day setting. Previously, WFM would not save a date that did not match the Week Start Day settings for the locale suggested by default. (WFM-26362)

In WFM Web for Supervisors views, date selector and Calendar controls now use the language and locale settings that are selected in the browser (which usually match the system locale settings). Previously, WFM Web displayed inconsistencies, where some views or panes used the Week Start Day specified for the Business Unit and some used the Week Start Day of the locale. Now all controls use the same settings.

Note that this update does not affect existing data presentations in WFM Web views. (WFM-26228)

WFM Web now displays the correct user interface when an agent's session expires and the Log In screen appears. Previously in this scenario, when the Log In screen appeared it incorrectly displayed the Web for Agents module tabs. (WFM-26180)

WFM Web for Agents' Time Off module now displays the correct list of Time-Off Bidding Periods, when displaying time-off data for future years. Previously, WFM displayed an incorrect list of bidding periods in the Time Off module only when displaying data for future years. (WFM-26159)

WFM Web for Supervisors' Calendar Items view now displays the correct data for English\New Zealand and English\Australian regional settings. Previously, WFM displayed week-day names incorrectly in these regional settings if the time zone was changed in the Calendar Items view. (WFM-26134)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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